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Farmers are becoming a strong customer base for biodiesel. Biodiesel provides an opportunity for farmers to create demand for the crops they grow through on-farm use. Farmers' commitment to biodiesel is reflected in their $25 million investment in the product through checkoff dollars.

The industry has encouraged all farmers to ask their fuel distributors to carry biodiesel blends. Building demand at a grassroots level is critical to the addition of biodiesel to terminals on a large national scale. 

Biodiesel use benefits farmers. Farmers recognize that biodiesel is a high-quality product to use in their farm equipment. Even low blends of biodiesel like B2 and B5 offer exceptional lubricity, thus slowing engine wear and tear. Plus it is a cleaner-burning fuel that is friendlier to the user and the environment.

Farmers can get biodiesel anywhere. Farmers should ask their local fuel distributor to carry biodiesel. Petroleum distributors are increasingly making it available to their customers as they realize that there is demand for the product.