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National Biodiesel Board Celebrates Five Years on East Side

Sep 12, 2013
Anniversary marks huge growth for America's Advanced Biofuel



Contact: Jessica Robinson/NBB

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - 20 million, 700 million, 1.6 billion: these are the ten, five and current year numbers for annual biodiesel production. As the National Biodiesel Board marks five years in its green, East side location, they celebrate the outstanding success of the growing industry.  

"Since we made the move to the East side of town this industry has faced both its most challenging and most successful years," said Joe Jobe, National Biodiesel Board CEO. "When we take stock of where we have been and where we are going, and as we look to yet another year of record biodiesel production, we are proud that our roots remain deep in the Midwest and firmly planted in our original hometown." 

The National Biodiesel Board is the only national organization headquartered in Jefferson City, and celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.  The NBB was formed in 1993 in Jefferson City with the idea that if it was successful in developing biodiesel as a new fuel, the headquarters would move to Washington DC.  By 2008, the industry had successfully commercialized with plants in virtually every state.  The Board made the decision to buy its own headquarters building, and importantly, to remain in Jefferson City.  "As members of this community we wanted to be a part of the redevelopment efforts that were beginning to take place in the older Eastern edge of downtown," Jobe said.  "So we bought three abandoned and dilapidated buildings and turned them into one state of the art green building."  In the five years since completing the project, four other neighboring commercial properties on the 600 block of Clark have been completely renovated. 

"The group's prominent position on Clark Avenue, visible from Highway 50, has served as an anchor for the  growing East Side area while bringing jobs and prestige to the capital city," said East Side Business Association President and National Biodiesel Board Chief Operating Officer, Donnell Rehagen. "Over the last five years, the National Biodiesel Board has supported 16 staff members plus a huge array of local contractors and service providers, keeping hundreds of thousands of dollars here in our local community."  

The building's green features remain just as important and useful today as when the doors first opened. Since purchasing the building and adjacent property in 2008, the National Biodiesel Board directed a full renovation and reconstruction of the space, maintaining a commitment to sustainability. The carpet comes from recycled materials. The paint is nontoxic. The parking lot lights are powered by the sun.  Just two years ago, the group expanded their footprint to include newly built green space to compliment the environmentally conscious focus of the building construction. 

The fact that the national group, representing the single largest advanced biofuel in the US resides in Jefferson City is no coincidence. Missouri has long been a leader in alternative energy and is the second largest biodiesel producer in the nation.  Made from an increasingly diverse mix of resources such as recycled cooking oil, soybean oil and animal fats, biodiesel is the first and only EPA-designated Advanced Biofuel with commercial-scale production nationwide. It is produced in nearly every state in the country and supports some 50,000 jobs. 

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For more details on biodiesel's benefits, including economic and job boosts, energy security, and environmental, visit biodiesel.org.