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America's Advanced Biofuel goes pedal to the metal

Jun 15, 2012
Biodiesel industry's national ad effort takes off


Contact: Jessica Robinson/NBB
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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.  – It's loud, fast, and thrilling, and it's more than a concept. Biodiesel is America's only advanced biofuel available nationwide. It's the fast track to American jobs - the road to energy independence. As the U.S. biodiesel industry shows in its just-launched ad campaign, biodiesel is here, now.

"A billion gallons. That's how much imported diesel biodiesel replaced last year," said Joe Jobe, CEO of the National Biodiesel Board. "This is not just an idea. Biodiesel is working today to meet renewable fuel demands, and we can do more."

The ad campaign is the second time the industry has taken to the airwaves, television screens, web, and print outlets to tell its story. And what a story it is. Ads center around land speed record holder Brent Hajek. The Oklahoma soybean farmer shattered the previous record in a stock Ford SuperDuty™ diesel truck running on 20 percent biodiesel. There is no wondering if the fuel works or if it is a viable alternative when Hajek's truck blows past at 182 miles per hour. 

The multi-million dollar project includes national television and web advertising, and regional print and radio advertising. Two 30-second spots will air across the nation on Sunday-morning network news public affairs shows, beginning this Sunday, June 17th.  The National Biodiesel Board worked with PCI Communications, a leading provider of creative communications services for Fortune 500 corporations, national associations, and federal agencies to create the campaign. Take a look: www.AmericasAdvancedBiofuel.com

"This ad campaign tells people that advanced biofuel is here now,” said Jobe. "Biodiesel creates jobs, is better for the environment, and supports energy security. AND it breaks land speed records too. There's no doubt this is a great alternative fuel success story."

Biodiesel is a renewable, clean-burning diesel replacement made from an increasingly diverse mix of resources such as agricultural oils, recycled cooking oil and animal fats, with a host of potential future feedstocks such as algae under research. It is the first and only commercial-scale fuel produced nationwide to meet the EPA’s definition as an advanced biofuel under the agency’s Renewable Fuel Standard, which is spurring development of sustainable alternatives to imported oil.

The EPA has determined that biodiesel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 57 percent to 86 percent compared with petroleum diesel, depending on the feedstock used. Biodiesel also has the highest energy balance of any domestic liquid fuel, yielding 5 ½ units of energy for every unit of fossil energy it takes to produce it. The EPA also says biodiesel dramatically reduces nearly every toxic air pollutant compared with traditional diesel.

Also, the effort is supported by the United Soybean Board, the National Biodiesel Board, State Soybean Checkoff Boards, the U.S. Canola Association, and the Northern Canola Growers Association.

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For more details visit biodiesel.org.