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America's Advanced Biofuel to be featured on American Choppers

Mar 16, 2012
Custom biodiesel motorcycle to debut on the Discovery Channel March 19th


March 16, 2012    
Contact:  Kaleb Little
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JEFFERSON CITY- Chrome, tradition and power are just the first impression. Get to know her, and you learn how she is powering American jobs and clean energy running on America's advanced biofuel, biodiesel.

"Clean burning, renewable biodiesel is at work right now in diesel engines all over the country," said Jessica Robinson, National Biodiesel Board Director of Communications. "Biodiesel supports American jobs and energy security; a custom built diesel chopper is a great way to showcase its diversity and its role as America's advanced biofuel." 

National Biodiesel Board member CIMA Green partnered with Paul Sr. and Orange County Choppers to craft a high performance diesel motorcycle ready to run on biodiesel.  The motorcycle will be featured on two episodes of the hit Discovery Channel show American Chopper on March 19th and April 9th

Originally unveiled at the Biodiesel Conference & Expo in Orlando, FL, the bike is scheduled for several stops from coast to coast to promote biodiesel.

  • • March 22-24, Mid-America Trucking Show - Louisville, KY
  • • May 1-3, Atlantic Region Energy Expo - Atlantic City, NJ
  • • May 14-17, ACT Expo - Long Beach, CA
  • • August 28 - September 3, Farm Progress Show - Boone, IA
  • • October 2-3, Green Fleet Conference - Schaumburg, IL

CIMA Green, a New Jersey based physical energy commodity trading company, donated one of two biodiesel motorcycles to the national trade association as a promotional resource.

"Taking our cues from the industrial revolution where an increasing need for energy was fueled by products derived from crude oil we see parallels to today's need for cleaner burning, domestically produced, renewable energy sources," said Joe Ferando, CIMA Green CEO. "The biodiesel motorcycles are an attempt to demonstrate to the world how renewable fuel products can fit seamlessly into today's consumer market in innovative ways. It is all about the power of vertical integration. From the feedstock to the end product use our industry is at a crossroads not unlike the early days of the petrochemical industry, where once distillate products were created the challenge then became one of application and how to mainstream products like gasoline, diesel and kerosene. More than a marketing scheme we wanted the bikes to be emblematic of our industry as a whole and drive awareness down to the consumer market. We want the end user to understand what is in their fuel, who brought it to them, who benefits and why it is important for this industry to not only survive but thrive and endure in the future."

The second chopper will remain with the company and is the first custom-built diesel bike with production-scale aspirations. The bike will go through the rigorous Department of Transportation and Environmental Protection Agency approval process on its way to becoming the first ever "street legal" motorcycle designed for B20.  

Biodiesel is a renewable fuel made from agricultural byproducts and co-products such as soybean oil, and other fats and oils.  The biodiesel industry supports 39,000 American jobs.

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Additional information about biodiesel is available online at www.biodiesel.org.